18 Notations

a activity for aqueous solutions using molal concentrations (dimensionless)
CaF2 fluorite
γ activity coefficient when molality is used (dimensionless)
I ionic strength
Ksp solubility product constant (dimensionless)
λ activity coefficient when mole fraction is used (dimensionless)
m molal concentration
mi molality of solute or ion, i
µo chemical potential of the substance in a defined standard state usually referenced to 25 oC and 1 bar pressure for ideal conditions (joules mol -1)
Ω degree of saturation or saturation ratio
R molal gas constant (8.3144 joules mol-1 K-1)
SI saturation index = log(Ω)
T temperature (T), degrees K
X mole fraction (dimensionless)
zi charge on an ion


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