Exercise 5

The relative hydraulic conductivity of layers in an aquifer has a significant influence on the magnitude of flow in horizontal and vertical direction. The figure below shows the equation for calculation of the effective horizontal and vertical hydraulic conductivity of a flat lying sedimentary formation with different values of K in layers K1 and K2, with thicknesses z1 and z2 (Bouwer, 1978).

Figure showing layers of different hydraulic conductivity

Using the relationship illustrated above and described in detail in the equivalent hydraulic conductivity section of the Groundwater Project book “Hydrogeologic Properties of Earth Materials and Principles of Groundwater Flow”, calculate the equivalent horizontal and vertical hydraulic conductivity of a two-layer aquifer system with each layer 10 m thick and with homogeneous, isotropic hydraulic conductivity of the shallow layer equal to 1000 m/d and the deep layer equal to 1 m/d.

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