12 About the Author

Photograph of Dr. Warren W. Wood

Dr. Warren W. Wood is currently a Visiting Professor of Hydrogeology in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Michigan State University and formerly the Christiansen Fellow, St. Catherin’s College, Oxford University, U.K. and Research Hydrologist U.S. Geological Survey. Warren has published more than 120 research articles on hydrogeology of arid areas and lectured at over 100 universities in North America, China, Botswana, Japan, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordon, Qatar, U.K., Germany, and France. Warren was awarded the Meritorious Service Award by the U. S. Department of Interior; M. King Hubbert Medal by the National Ground Water Association; Distinguished Service Award, Geological Society of America and Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America. Warren served at Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Ground Water and testified before U.S. congress, briefed the Secretary of Interior, and Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on role of hydrogeology in nuclear waste disposal.


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