Solution Exercise 3

Common reasons why well owners do not test their well water quality include:

  • lack of concern;
  • inconvenience of testing; and,
  • cost of testing.

Well owners may also not be aware of the need for water quality testing or have the knowledge to carry out testing (e.g., where to get the sample bottles, what parameters to test the water for, where to get the water samples analyzed).

Examples of policies that can encourage domestic well owners to test their well include:

  • mandatory testing when a new well is constructed; and,
  • mandatory testing during a property sale.

Examples of initiatives that can address common barriers to water quality testing include:

  • well owner education and outreach programs that help raise awareness about well water quality risks and provide information about how to test the water quality of a well (such as face-to-face community outreach activities and educational websites);
  • making testing more convenient by providing well water sampling services, sample pick-up services, local sample drop-off sites, or mail-in sample options; and,
  • providing free or subsidized water testing programs.

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