I would like thank John Cherry for the opportunity to contribute to The Groundwater Project, as well as his encouragement and patience during the preparation of this book. I am grateful for Amanda Sills, Juliana Apolonio of the Groundwater Project for their oversight and copyediting of this book. I thank Eileen Poeter (Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, USA) for reviewing, editing, and producing of this book.

I would like to thank the following individuals who greatly improved the content of this book with their thoughtful reviews and/or contributions:

  • Heather Cross, Hydrogeologist (retired), Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Gavin Kennedy, Senior Hydrogeologist, Nova Scotia Geological Survey, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Stew Hamilton, Senior Science Leader Geochemistry, Ontario Geological Survey, Ontario, Canada
  • Bruce Misstear, Associate Professor, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Ken Bradbury, Research Hydrogeologist, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, Wisconsin, USA
  • Everton de Oliveira, President, Hidroplan Director, Sustainable Water Institute, Brazil
  • Ineke Kalwij, President & Principal Hydrogeologist, Kalwij Water Dynamics Inc., British Columbia, Canada
  • Tim Lotimer, President, Tim Lotimer & Associates, Ontario, Canada
  • Hugh Simpson, Program Analyst, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario, Canada
  • Peter Gray, Vice President & Sr. Hydrogeologist, MTE Consultants Inc., Ontario, Canada
  • Clint Cole, Chair, Enniskillen Environmental Association, Ontario, Canada
  • Doug MacDonald, Geoscience Editor, Nova Scotia Geological Survey, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Hugh Whiteley, Independent Civil Engineering Professional and Emeritus Adjunct Professor, University of Guelph, Kitchener, Canada

Finally, I would like to thank the domestic well owners and well contractors that I have met during my career and have helped me learn about domestic wells by sharing their water well experiences with me.

John Drage


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