1.3 Scope

Detailed presentations of the development of the Dusty Gas Model are provided in Cunningham and Williams (1980) and Mason and Malinauskas (1983). Key ideas of the Dusty Gas Model can be incorporated in a simpler “phenomenological” approach to diffusion that fosters physical insight and understanding at a level between a simple recitation of the equations and the in-depth physics and mathematics in the original scientific papers (Cunningham and Williams (1980). Most of the developments in the present book are drawn from Cunningham and Williams. However, the considerations in this book are limited to one-dimensional transport of ideal, binary gases at constant temperature. This is a special case that enables by relatively simple calculation the exploration of gaseous diffusion in porous solids, a fascinating but often confusing subject. First courses in calculus, physics, and physical chemistry provide an adequate foundation for understanding the developments in this book.


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