9 Building a Static Model from Lithologic Data

When sufficient geologic data are available for defining a groundwater modeling framework, modeling software such as RockWorks can be used to create a grid of lithologic types throughout the model domain, with hydraulic properties assigned to each lithologic type (Figure 18). An animated view of the model is presented in this video. The 35 second (~80Mb) animation rotates the basin in three-dimensional space while showing: the bedrock surface; the lithologic logs used to determine the lithology distribution; fence diagrams along a few cross sections; and the final solid model sequentially sliced from west to east and back, then from south to north and back. Fine-grained materials are displayed as purple, medium-grained as yellow, and coarse-grained as orange with faults as red.

Lithologic model
Figure 18 – Lithologic model starting with a) definition of the bedrock surface; definition of lithologic types in each borehole; c) a few fence diagrams after lithologic types are interpolated and extrapolated between wells; and d) the full solid lithologic model. Images provided by RockWare (2020).


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