Solution Exercise 2

Groundwater occurrence and aquifer characteristics are highly variable from location to location and depend on a number of factors, in particular the hydrogeological make-up of the aquifer and the natural recharge environment of the location. Thus, Managed Aquifer Recharge is not equally feasible at every location.

A groundwater professional will need the following information and needs to determine how much of this information can be gleaned from published sources and what information needs to be determined through site investigation.

  • Clarify the objective for artificial recharge with the client – artificial recharge to groundwater is normally done with some or all of the following objectives in mind:
    • enhancing the sustainable yield in areas where over-development has depleted the aquifer;
    • conserving and storing excess surface water for future need, because needs vary with season and may periodically depend on other factors such as development;
    • improving the quality of existing groundwater through dilution;
    • removing bacteriological and other impurities from sewage and wastewater so that water is suitable for re-use; and,
    • restoring water supply to aquifers depleted due to excessive groundwater development.
  • Develop an understanding of the socio-political influence that would facilitate or prevent some of the potential technical options for MAR
  • Identify potential recharge areas where water could infiltrate and reach the aquifer, or be injected
  • Identify potential source waters and determine their quality both with regard to suspended and dissolved constituents
  • Evaluate the potential for the aquifer to receive artificial recharge water both physically (to allow the water to flow readily from the recharge site out into the aquifer) and chemically (that clogging diminishes the potential for water to enter the aquifer will not occur)


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