Exercise 7 Solution

“Intrinsic permeability” or permeability (k) is a quantitative property of porous material and is controlled solely by pore geometry. Unlike saturated hydraulic conductivity, intrinsic permeability is independent of fluid viscosity and density. It can be calculated as hydraulic conductivity (K) multiplied by the fluid viscosity and divided by fluid density and the gravitational constant. Permeability (k) has the dimension of area (L2).

Differences between hydraulic conductivity and intrinsic permeability.

Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity (K) Intrinsic Permeability (k)
Temperature dependent Temperature independent
Fluid viscosity dependent Fluid viscosity independent
Changes with change in soil structure Changes with change in soil structure
Dimensions (LT−1) Dimensions (L2)
Only applicable under Darcian flow conditions Independent of flow conditions

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