About the Authors

Andrew Cohen

Dr. Andrew Cohen received his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a B.S. in Water Resources from the Department of Earth Sciences, State University of New York at Oneonta. His focus is hydrogeologic characterization of contaminated sites and related modeling of transport and fate of contaminants in soil, groundwater, surface water, and sediment. Prior to his current role as a contaminant hydrogeologist in the environmental consulting industry, he was a Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he focused on characterization and modeling of groundwater in fractured and faulted bedrock. He is Adjunct Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he teaches Contaminant Hydrogeology.

John Cherry

Dr. John Cherry, after study in the USA and a post-doc in France, joined the University of Waterloo in 1971 for field research on the migration and fate of contaminants in groundwater and their remediation. He co-authored “Groundwater” with R.A. Freeze (1979) and co-edited/co-authored several chapters in the book “Dense Chlorinated Solvents….in Groundwater” (1996). He is the founding Director of the University Consortium for Field-Focused Groundwater Contamination Research. At the G360 Centre for Groundwater Research, University of Guelph, he participates in research on groundwater monitoring technologies and creating safe wells for rural people in remote terrain. He was Chair of the Canadian Expert Panel on Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas development (2012-2014). He is a Foreign Member of the U.S. Academy of Engineering. He received the Lee Kwan Yew Water Prize in 2016, and the Stockholm Water Prize, 2020.


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