About the Author

Dr. Peter Cook is a Professorial Research Fellow at Flinders University, South Australia, and Director of the Australian National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training. He previously spent more than 20 years as Research Scientist with CSIRO. With more than 30 years of experience, he has worked on groundwater investigations in Australia, Europe, North America and Africa. He regularly advises Australian and international governments on water management, and has consulted to attorneys, industries, engineering companies, government agencies and citizen groups on groundwater issues. He has conducted projects on a broad range of groundwater topics, many of which have involved the application of environmental tracers and isotopes. These have included assessment of rates of groundwater recharge and discharge, surface water-groundwater interactions, groundwater-dependence of vegetation, impacts of mining and unconventional gas on groundwater and regional groundwater management. He has written or co-written books on environmental tracers and ecohydrology and was the NGWA Darcy Lecturer in 2009.